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Conversation Cards for Moving Families

Conversation Cards for Moving Families

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For International orders and BC/MN/SK You can order off Etsy here. 

Whether you are moving across the province, country, or across the world, intentional conversations during times of transition can help families leave well and arrive well at their next destination. These conversation cards will give you a place to start.

Who these cards are for:

  • Families with children ages 5 + 
  • Families who are planning to make a significant move (these cards are best utilized at least 2+ months before moving)

What is included:

  • 2 instruction cards
  • 14 themed conversation starter cards (each card has a different concept or theme important to consider while planning to move/during times of transition)

Why use these cards:

  • To support you and your children with emotional processing before a move
  • To help you and your children say “goodbye”
  • To help you and your children reflect on your time in the place you are leaving
  • To help you and your children think about your next destination

BONUS: Included as a bonus are blank reflection pages (for drawing/writing/etc.) to accompany the cards during your conversations. Simply download after purchase of the cards and print when ready.

*These cards ship from Ontario. Any duty fees and import taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

*These cards do not replace medical advice or the support of a qualified counsellor 


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